Employer Steps to Group Health Enrollment

  1. Savings Highway Members or Employer client: Utilize the Savings Highway Group Plan website to obtain useful tools such as brochures, pricing, and the instant “Get a Quote” feature.
  2. Savings Highway Members or Employer client: At any time utilize the Savings Highway Group Plan enrollment site at click here to populate the sponsor’s user name.
  3. Savings Highway Members or Employer client: At any time may submit an automated quote request and receive an instant email quote plus receive a call within 48 hours after submitting a quote. No obligation. No other companies will call. The Member/Sponsor is receiving a copy of your quote. Free Market Administrators will make contact within 48 hours to schedule a call and assist with enrollment or enrollment questions.
  4. Employers: Begin any group enrollment process or interest in group health care by joining the Small Business Agency CoOp. Employers agree to pay the annual $24 ($2.00/month) in order to access the group health care plans. (Note: Joining the SB/A CoOp will trigger Free Market Administrators to construct a custom Employer and Employee enrollment site.)
  5. Useful information: Upon joining the SB/A CoOp, a conference will be set up with Free Market Administrators and a custom enrollment site for Employers/Employees and their dependents will be constructed.
    • Employers set an enrollment period generally from 2-4 weeks.
    • Employers determine whether to use Benefit Counselors, Zoom Presentations, or print materials and websites.
    • Use the Employer Custom Enrollment site to enroll Employees and their dependents.
  6. Chronology: For start dates on any first of the month, Employer Group enrollments must be completed by the 20th of the prior month.
  7. Plan Administrator sends an advise invoice with a group monthly breakdown on the 21st. Employer accepts or adjusts the “list”. The monthly ACH occurs on the 27th of the month.
  8. Employee enrollees: Plan Administrator sends out an automated “email welcome” to all Employee enrollees with access instructions for a temporary medical ID card. Employee enrollee files are assembled and permanent plastic ID cards, plus a complete welcome package will arrive by USPS mail in about 10 days.